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• Temple in the office should be constructed in North-East.
• Water resource if any, must be placed or installed in North-East of the office.
• Reception to be designed in East or North.
• Waiting room should be in North-West.
• Pantry/ Kitchen should be constructed in South-East. .
• Staircase should be made in South, South-West or West. Stairs in Centre should be avoided.
• Toilets should be in North-West or West or South direction, avoid toilet in South-East, North-East.
• Employees should not be made to sit under the beam.
• Owner/Director/Chairman should sit in South-West corner of the office facing North, North-East or East direction.
• No heavy construction is allowed in the Centre of the plot (Brahmsthan)
• Water fountain should be placed in the North-East side for prosperity.