There are many lines in the hands of man, but broadly we can divide them into four categories: –

Major Lines:- The main lines are of the seven types of which decreases or increases around 1-2mm in every seven years intervals. There is a scope for huge change in this, these seven main lines are as follows – (1) Life line, (2) Head line, (3) Heart line, (4) Fate line, (5) Marriage line, (6) Health line, and (7) Manibandh rekha.

Minor Lines :- The number of these lines is very high and their proficiency is also the fastest, these small lines reveal the intimate circumstances of the human life’s micro moments. Here are the names of some of the popular lines: (1) Mars line (2) Venus lines (3) Child lines (4) Effect lines (5) Concern lines (6) Enemy lines (7) Sun line (8) Education line (9) Livelihood lines (10) Ring of solomon (11) Ring of Saturn (12) Girdle of Venus (13) Budh walaya (14) Chandra circle (15) Barrier Lines (16) Accident Lines (17) Urdhavav Lines (18) Fish line (19) Brother’s and Sister’s line (20) Travel lines etc..