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Palmistry is the art and practice of reading/interpreting a person’s character, telling fortunes. One of the ideas that serve the foundation of palmistry is the fact that all people have different hand prints. Hand prediction is to learn a person’s personalities, fortune and future by analyzing his/her hands. Palmistry not only refers to the reading of one’s hand or palm, it also include the reading of wrist,fingers and finger nails.We predict the  future of the person from the lines and configurations of palm of the hand.

Heart Line :- The heart line reveals the condition of man’s heart, the hereditary character of heart, cardiovascular diseases, love, sentimentality, mental quality and the secret deposition of the habit.

Head Line:- The head line shows the presence of mind of the person, it reveals the mental strength of man, the merit of his thoughts and self control; our destiny of mental thoughts is a huge hand in creation, the foundation of man’s memory and imaginations in this cerebral line.

Life line :- Life line is often found in all hands, this line reflects the life and health of person, it shows in which condition a person is living his life, and also to the year when man achieves full physical and flourishing. This line shows up to the end of life (Death ) and also explains the sickness or the cause or the end of life.

Sun Line :- The sun line is also known as appolo line or line of success. The origin of this line can be from any place on the palm in the hand of the person but the end is on the sun mount. If sun line is neat and clean and double, there is realization of additional kudos , respect, wealth and influence .

Fate Line /Destiny Line:- any line that ends to the Saturn mount is called the fate line. The destiny line in the hand may starts from Moon mount,  any Mars mount, life line, the head line or heart line. Fortune line of wealth shows concerning property,  ride (movable  property ),business,  spouse etc.

Fees Structure

👉 Ask any one question =Rs. 550/-
👉 Any two questions =Rs 950/-
👉 Any three questions = Rs 1400/-
👉 Love/Romance , Marriage & Choosing ideal partner = Rs 1100/-
👉 Any four questions = Rs 1900/-
👉 Detail analysis of Hand =Rs 2300/-
👉 Detail analysis of hand + Numerological report (along with name correction) =Rs. 3300/-
👉 Detail analysis of hand + Numerological report + Vaastu Correction/ Vaastu remedies (Normal) = Rs.5100/-
Note:-  Remedies are also provided along with the above-mentioned services .