A home is a place where a person or family lives and not just stay. If someone just stays in at a place then that place is not a home, it may be a hotel. Home is made up of passion, emotions, and feelings with the pampering layer of love and warmth. We love our home and share a harmonious vibration with our home and the home shares same vibrations with us.

Vaastu depends on different energies and these energies play a vital role in upgrading peace, prosperity and achievements. If a house is constructed as per the Vaastu principles, the inmates enjoy all the happiness in life. Vaastu helps us for enhancing positivity and eliminates negative energies in and around a place or a person’s life; the more positive energies are around us the more abundance and prosperity is attracted towards us. Vaastu helps us to make our living comfortable in the house and prevents illness and other dangers from creeping into our life or relationships.

Residential  Vaastu Services:-

  • Plots/ Residential lands:- we provide services for selection of best plots for construction of a house
  • Flats:- for purchase of right quality of Vaastu Flats & Vaastu correction of Flats with remedies
  • House:- Vaastu correction & remedies